Some things are basic | Your hair shouldn’t be

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You can create any type of look with our various extension options. We are certified with EasiHairPro and Link Extensions to bring you the healthiest, natural, and most long lasting looks to your hair. While extensions can create the traditional look of length and volume, we also use them for balayages and fashion color to get that custom pop of color you’re looking for without damaging your hair. Are you thin throughout your sides and temples? Ask our stylists about our mini volume treatments. We are here to customize the perfect look on any budget.


Custom Enhancements

Possibly the best accessories around! Weddings, special occasions, girls night out, or day to day looks are completely transformed with our custom enhancements. There are various sizes and shapes for the perfect look for you. Made of human hair for seamless integrated styling and clips for easy application. This is a total game changer that everyone should have.



We have been chosen by Sherri Renee as an exclusive provider of her top of the line custom enhancements. Her hand picked hair and endless customizing options make us really stand behind her company while she stands behind our beliefs of making everyone feel beautiful and confident.

“Creating a perfectly realistic hair enhancement is defined by its authenticity as reflected in your individual persona and style. 

With an artist's eye and an engineer's obsession with detail, Sherri Renée has created the Parisian Hair Enhancement Collection. 

Highly recognized as the "pinnacle of human hair enhancements" for their modern design, natural appearance, and simplicity of use ~ the collection provides extraordinary solutions for those who want volume, need image recovery from medical hair loss, or who simply enjoy her modern convenience and beauty.

With over forty patented elements, individual designs are 100% handcrafted by artisans, feature mindfully engineered detailing, and deliver extraordinary beauty. Each weightless design employs our silk trompe l'oeil scalp replica ~ indistinguishable from natural hair and scalp.” - Sherri Renee 

Above all, our Parisian Hair Enhancement Collection illustrates our commitment to personal expression, modern aesthetics, and pure innovation.



Hairskeen specializes in hair loss solutions for the modern man. They developed top of the line products to create the most realistic, comfortable replacement hair on the market. They use a unique hair ventilation process which preserves the integrity of the hair, and have the most advanced skin technology available which keeps the hair in place significantly longer. Our hair loss experts went through a compressive technical training class on application and care of all Hairskeen products, so they are well equipped to use all Hairskeen products and educate you through the process. You can see examples of their hair replacements on their style gallery.