Great Hair Starts With Great Products 

Our biggest compliment is when a client wishes we could style their hair for them everyday. So, it is important to us that our clients can recreate their look at home. This starts with a fabulous hair style and great products. Through years of experience and hands on practice with some of the top hair care lines we have chosen the best quality line, with a great reputation, at an excellent price. It is important to us that our guests want to represent our work daily and feel that they can replicate a "just left the salon" look for themselves. 

Paul mitchell

We are proudly a Paul Mitchell focused salon. Because of their commitment to the industry and their passion for our continued education as stylists, we love all that Paul Mitchell has to offer. They are continuously giving back to numerous communities and causes. You get to have great hair and give back all at the same time!

“Whether we're planting trees, protecting animals or preserving our natural resources, John Paul Mitchell Systems® is (and always has been) dedicated to making our world a more beautiful place.”


Bella lash

"We are committed to making each Bella Lash customer loyal to the brand by providing a memorable experience through great prices, great products, and great customer service."